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Hello! My name is Lizel Olckers and I am the creator & designer of Ancient Spirit.

Ancient spirit is a lifestyle brand: clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and homeware.  It is more than a product; it’s a way of experiencing life.  Rooted in the spiritual beliefs of equality, kindness, and the connectedness of everything, Ancient Spirit strives to create, buy, and sell products, which radiate these attributes.

We source ethically, make locally and price fairly.  We use environmentally kind raw materials where possible and commit to giving back.

Our clothing celebrates women, by fitting comfortably, being sized appropriately and being relevant to women’s lives in the times we live in.

ancient spirit

My range changes constantly.  Influenced by my environment, travels, and sensory influences, I am constantly adding found products, designing new styles, and supporting other’s creativity.

I strive to make slow ranges.  Encouraging my makers to take a little longer and make a little more beautifully.  I am excited by good quality and timelessness.

I celebrate the clean, minimal, modern lines of clarity and simplicity.  At the same time, I am a product of the ’60s and of handmade, imperfect and embellished cloth, jewels, and story.  Although born in South Africa, the pull of the East is a constant in my life, spirituality, and design.

Born with an itchy foot, wanderlust, and a caring heart defines the story of my products, fabrics, and style.


Love Lizel xx
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“Lizels designs are one of a kind. Classic, timeless & of the highest quality”

Diane Kocsis

It’s a Lifestyle

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Peace T
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